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Name Smith, Edwin F.

Associated Records

Correspondence file #3 - 2004.014.003

Grazing issues dominate this period - annual reports and grazing complaints especially the complaint of Fritz Egles, Document send to Regional Office to establish his date of Birth.

Correspondence file #1 - 2004.014.001

Varied correspondence after retirement. Notes to and from friends, Forest Service history especially history of the Eldorado NF, current FS policy. Edwin F. Smith was Eldorado National Forest, California, Forest Supervisor, 1920-1950

Reports - 2004.014.005

Fritz Egles grazing complaint, annual grazing reports for the Eldorado NF, range usage directive, range management issues, history of law enforcement, Eldorado NF fire report 1919-1959

Clippings - 2004.014.008

"The Long Sheep Trail Through California," San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle "Sloughhouse Man is Chief of Cattleman," Lloyd Mehrten elected, Sacramento Bee Gift Left to Colorado School of Mines by William H Friedhoof, a Forest Service retiree. Mining Congress Journal. "Summer in Region's Parks and Forests." The Spokesman-Review, Inland Empire magazine. 7 pages "Biltmore: Fountain-Head of Forestry in America," and "WNC leaders headed Drive for Establishing National Forests." Ashville Citizen-Times "First Forestry School In America Was In Biltmore." Howard R Krinbill writes (a 1909 grduate) writes in response to article recent Biltmore article "Final Rites Are Held for Late Hale Mace."

Disposal of Telephone Lines, Folder 209 - 2013.024.534

Disposal of Telephone Lines, Folder 209 1948-1955 >> And substitution of radio >> Special use permit to Pacific Gas and Electric, 1948 >>AD-109 Report of Surplus Property -- Edwin F. Smith, Eldorado National Forest supervisor requests authority to dispose of 16.22 miles of phone line, 1948 >> Memo from Chief Watts to Regional Foresters on addressing the increase in commercial phone service in rural areas and implications for Forest Service phone lines, 1950

Joe Flynn, Revised Oral History 2004 - 2016.005.024

Joe Flynn, Revised Oral History 2004 >> Living History Project, February 9, 2001, Interviewed in Camino, California, Nordstrom Whited, Interviewer, Revised, place & people's names corrected. January-February, 2004 by Joe Flynn Joseph V. Flynn was born in Georgetown, California, which is on the west side of the Eldorado Forest, about 16 miles north of Placerville. I was born on September 20, 1917. Two other brothers, Bob (who has retired from the Forest Service now, too) and Bill, were also born in Georgetown. Following World War II, I went up to Oregon State College and finished up there. I graduated there in 1947. Joe was a warehouseman and a roustabout around Placervil

Jesse E. Hall Retirement Dinner - M2000.003.025

Jesse E. Hall Retirement Dinner 1946 >> March 30, 1946 Dinner Program -- Toastmaster Edwin F. Smith, Forest Supervisor, Eldorado National Forest; Remarks by William S. Price, Regional Logging Engineer; ; Remarks by William H. Spargo, Stanislaus National Forest; Remarks by M. M. Barnum, Recreation and Lands Regional Office; Presentation by Wayne E. Hogue; Neal M. Rahm was leader of group singing July 1, 1908 Forest Assistant, Plumas National Forest 1909-1915 Deputy Forest Supervisor, Klamath National Forest 1915-1919 Forest Supervisor, Santa Barbara National Forest 1919-1926 Forest Supervisor, Shasta National Forest 1926-1946 Forest Supervisor, Stanislaus National Forest

Image of Spittoon from Eldorado National Forest - Spittoon

Spittoon from Eldorado National Forest - Spittoon

Spittoon from Eldorado National Forest ca 1940 Used by Forest Supervisor Edwin Smith who retired in 1950. Ed Smith was a pipe smoker. He banged his pipe against the spittoon. The noise could be heard all over the office. Porcelain coated metal. Color: white inside and dark green outside Photographed

Image of Breakfast at Eldorado Foresters School - 2004.014.014

Breakfast at Eldorado Foresters School - 2004.014.014

Ed Smith Foresters School 1926 >> for new men on the Eldorado National Forest. Breakfast June 4, 1926 Badly faded. B/W photo